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A. List of early 'Silvan' Pioneer Family SURNAMES

First Settlers of SILVAN, Victoria, Australia

those times,
about 1865 ~ 1917

when it was called

ALPHABETICAL - Not in Historical Order


ADAMS, W. J. - manager on Cresswell's Fernydale Estate
AITKEN, William Smith - from Lanarkshire, Scotland
AITKEN, James Nelson - b. 1876 Sth Wandin (m. Martha Hunter)
AITKEN, Margaret - b. 1879 Wandin Yallock (Mrs W.J.Lewis)
AUGER, parents of Ray
AXFORD, Jane - from Somerset, England (wife of Wm Parr)
BACH, Laurence Alexander - from Fiji Islands
BACH, Ellen Jane [WADDINGTON] (Mrs L.A.Bach)
BACH, Charles Richard - from Fiji Islands
BACH, Winifred Ann [TROTT] (Mrs C.R.Bach)
BACH, Ellen - from Fiji Islands (m. O.J. Schrober)
BAILEY, John - markt grdnr of Wrangle, Lincolnshire, Eng.
BAILEY, John Jnr. - markt grdnr of Wrangle, Lincolnshire, Eng.
BAILEY, Maggie - b. 1876 Sth Wandin (Mrs H. Dennis)
BAILEY, Jack - b. 1878 Sth Wandin
BAILEY, Rosamund - b. 1880 Sth Wandin (Mrs J. Johns)
BAILEY, William - Blacksmith, b. Wrangle, Lincolnshire, Eng.
BAKER, James & Agnes -Fruitgrowers 1903
BAKER, Frederick - Fruitgrower 1903
BARBER, Charles D. - Fernydale Try Farm & fruitgrower
BARBER, George - b. 1856 Essex, England -Olinda Ck.
BELL, Albert Edward & Ann Agnes - Fruitgrowers 1903
BENNETT, Annie - South Wandin Schoolteacher 1896
BERNSTEIN, - parents of May
BERRY, Joseph - (Lot 77)
BERRY, Catherine - ( Lots 40 & 77)
BEURLE, Charles -of Viennese origin, via London
BEURLE, Norman (later Reverend, Pres. of the Baptist Union)
BEURLE, Margaret
BEURLE, Charles Ernst - b.1874 Sth Yarra (m. Jessie Buller)
BINSTEAD, parents of Alma, Marge & Arthur
BIRD, Meadow - from Kent, England
BIRTLES, David - from Melbourne
BIRTLES, Francis -b. Fitzroy (pioneer cyclist & adventurer)
BISHOP, parents of Ian
BÖECK, Karl Friedrich - b. 1863 Stawell, Vic.
BÖECK, Wilhelm August - b. 1893 Nhill, Vic.
BOANNAS, Thomas William - from London, England
BOANNAS, Mary - from London, England
BOANNAS, W. - from London, England
BOND, Emma Jeanie [FRITH] - b.Geelong (Mrs.A.Stoddard)
BOLDT, Richard Heinrich - b. 1889 Vic.
BOLDT,Alice Maud nee JOHNSTONE - b. 1895 Vic. (Mrs R.H.Boldt)
BOLDT, Doreen
BRABHAM, William - bricklayer @ Sth Wandin 1903
BRADLEY, parents of Edna & Stewart
BRIGGS, Christopher Thomas b. 1844 Melbourne, NSW
BRIGGS, Ernest Alfred (m. Emma May Sebire)
BRIGGS, John Thomas - b.1880 Wandin
BRIGGS, Emily Ada (Mrs Wandin Sebire)
BRIGGS, Mabel - b. Sth Wandin (Mrs C.A. Knoll)
BROTHERSON, Mary Isabella - @ Sth Wandin 1903
BROWN, Maximilian & Louisa - 'Parents' @ the Olinda Creek Farm with the Try Boys Society
BROWN, Mary Margaret -from Scotland (Mrs W. S. Aitken)
BULLER, Edward John - + Lilydale & Warburton
BULLER, Helen Jessie - b. Lilydale (Mrs E. Beurle) Postmistress @ South Wandin
BURROWS, Nathan -from Eumemmering, Dandenong (m.E.J.Carson)
BURROWS, A. M. (lot 76A)
CAMP, Elizabeth Johnston & Albert Ernest - Commercial Travellor @ Sth Wandin 1903
CAMPBELL, G. - Sth Wandin fruitgrower 1913
CARRICK, Felix & Stasia - Fruitgrowers @ Sth Wandin 1903
CARSON, John Henry - from Eumemmering, Dandenong
CARSON, Elizabeth Jane - from Eumemmering (Mrs N. Burrows)
CARSON, Thomas J. - sawmiller @ Sth Wandin 1913
CHAPMAN , William - b.1856 Tullaroop Ck, Vic.(Norfolk origin)
CHAPMAN, Walter - b.1861 Tullaroop Ck, Vic. (Norfolk origin)
CHILD, Matthew Francis -from Petersfield, Hampshire, Sussex, Eng. (m. Martha Jeeves)
CHILD, Thomas Obadiah - b. 1874 Olinda Crk, Vic.
, Mabel Emmeline - b. 1876 Olinda Crk, Vic.
CHILD, Frank Henry - b. 1876 Olinda Crk, Vic.
CHILD, Arthur Edward 'Ted' - b. 1878 Olinda Crk, Vic.
CHILD, May Eva - - b. 1880 Olinda Crk, Vic.
CHILD, Hubert 'Bert' - b. 1882 Olinda Crk, Vic.
CHILD, Alice Annie - b. 1884 Olinda Crk, Vic.
CHILD, Charles Percival - b. 1889 Olinda Crk, Vic.
CLANCY, D. - from Ireland
CLANCY, James, Mary, - Farmers @ Sth Wandin 1903
CLANCY, Patrick, - Farmer @ Sth Wandin 1903
CLEARY, Mary Ann -b.1919 Co.Tipperary,EIRE (Mrs Jn Lewis)
CLEELAND, Horace Edwin - labourer @ Sth Wandin 1903
CLEGG, Joseph b. 1919 Halifax, Yorkshire, Great Britain
CLEGG, Paul b. 1843 Halifax, Yorkshire, Great Britain
CLEGG, Joseph b. 1850 Halifax, Yorkshire, Great Britain
CLEGG, Faith b. 1853 Halifax, Yorkshire (Mrs Taffs)
CLEGG, Enoch b. 1855 Halifax, Yorkshire, Great Britain
CLEGG, Leah b. 1863 Collingwood (Mrs Sies)
CLOUSTON, E. Bessie - b.1825 Deerness, Orkney Islands, Scotland (Mrs J.N.McEwin)
COGHLAN, G. F. Mr - South Wandin Schoolteacher 1912
COLE, parents of Edie 1916
COLLARD, J. (ex. J.Patterson, E.E.Matthews)
COLLIER, John - from (m. Ellen 0'Brien)
COLLINGS, Thomas George - from Thames Valley, Aylesbury, Buckinghamshire - Farmers @ Sth Wandin 1903
COLLINGS, Clara Elizabeth
COLLISHAW, George - - Sth Wandin fruitgrower 1913
COLLISHAW, Alice (Mrs G. Collinshaw)
COLLISHAW, Lilian (Mrs Jack Proctor)
COOMBS, Mr. - South Wandin Schoolteacher 1876
COTTINGHAM, Samuel - from New Zealand
COTTINGHAM, Frank, Rhoda, Emily, Sarah - Fruitgrowers 1903
COTTINGHAM, Ernest - Mt Evelyn Rd miner 1924
COVENTRY, John James - from South Yarra (m. Flo Collings)
CRESSWELL, Sir William Rooke - Vice-Admiral - from Sydney via Melbourne
CRESSWELL, Adelaide Elisabeth (Mrs W. R.Cresswell)
CROFT, A. G. Mr, South Wandin Schoolteacher 1913
CROSS, Caroline 'Carol' (Mrs A. H. KING)
D'ARGAVILLE, Robert Arthur Webb - Labourer @ Silvan 1924
DAVIS, Thomas Mayo -from Prahran, Vic.
DENNIS, Henry Charles - from Bedfordshire, England via Sth Yarra
DERVAN, Richard & Hannah Elizabeth - @ Silvan 1924
DICK, Alexander - from Geelong, Victoria
DICKENS, W. T. - Sth Wandin fruitgrower 1913
DOUTHIE, John William - labourer @ Sth Wandin 1924
DRYSDALE, John - origin unknown
DUCK, Thomas
EASDOWN, William Robert - Mrkt Grder - b. Kent, Eng.
EASDOWN, Kate - b. Kent, Eng. (Mrs Walter Wiseman)
EASTON, James & Winifred - Fruitgrowers @ Sth Wandin 1903
EDWARDS, parents of Pearl, Marj, Greta & Alan
ELLIS, Angel - from St Kilda b.1831 England (son of Elias Ellis & Rebecca Levy) - Early Postmaster @ South Wandin
ELLIS, Rebecca -b.1872 St Kilda, Assist Postmistress Sth Wandin
ELLIS, Deborah, Hannah, Rosetta Lydia @ Sth Wandin 1903
ELLIS, Solomon Asher b. 1875 St Kilda
ELLIS, Alfred Solomon - storekeeper @ Sth Wandin 1903
ELLIS, Victor Bernard -storekeeper @ Sth Wandin 1903
EMBRY, parents of Douglas
ENGLAND, George - proprietor of 'Burleigh House & Coach service
ENGLAND, Miss Daisy - telegraph & postmistress at 'Burleigh House
ERITH, Eliza, - from Wales, Great Britain (Mrs Thomas Hand)
FARQUHAR, Jane - from Aberdeen (& Balmoral) Scotland
FARQUHAR, Ellen -b. Aberdeen, Scotland (Mrs J. F. Holmes)
FARQUHAR, Margaret - b. Aberdeen, Scotland(Mrs. J. Bailey)
FAY, Marion - South Wandin Schoolteacher 1895
FLEMING, Eric - from Tasmania
FLINTOFF, Margaret Alice b.Lancs,Eng.(Mrs W.Proctor) d.1923 Silvan@88
FORSTER, William Mark - from Rothbury, Eng. (founder & director of The Try Society & agent @ Fernydale Farm)
FORWARD, Katherine Esther (Mrs W. R. Easdown)
FOSTER, Edward O. -fruitgrower 1903
FRANK, Emilie Christiane -from Broadford (Mrs H.Garth)
FRASER, John - origin unknown
FRASER, Sarah - origin unknown (with J. Drysdale)
FRAZER, William Couser - b. Armagh, Ireland (Wiseman Rd)
FRAZER, Amy WELLS - b. Riddells Crk, Vic (Mrs W. C. Frazer)
FRAZER, Thomas Henry 'Tom' - b. 1903 Poowong, Vic.
FRAZER, William Ernest 'Bill' - b. 1905 Avenel Vic.
FRITH, Joseph - b. Shropshire, Eng.
FRITH, Thomas Joseph - b. 1869 Carlton, Vic
FROCKJAR, parents / mother of Emanuel - born Denmark
GARTH, Harold Henry - from Hobart, Tasmania
GARTH, Ralph Bernard - from Port Cygnet, Tasmania
GAY, William Wilson - Schoolteacher @ Sth Wandin
GIBSON, J. (Allotment 74)
GIBSON, John Moore - b.1901 Fitzroy (m.Ruby Collier)
GILES, Horace Louis - farmer @ Sth Wandin 1903
GILES, John Henry & Mary Jane - fruitgrowers @ Sth Wandin 1903
GODFREY, Rowland Tapley - from London via Prahran, Vic.
GODFREY, Roseanna Victoria - b. 1887 Prahran (Mrs W.G.Parker)
GOOSE, Henry - b.1839 Yarmouth, Norfolk, England (GOSS)
GOOSE, Wm Hy b.1866 Richmond,Vic. (m.Emily McEwin)[GOSS]
GOSS, Ellen - b.1867 Richmond,Vic. (Mrs Dreyer)GOOSE
GRAHAM, George - from Scotland
GRAHAM, William -- from Scotland
GRATTEN, Louisa Elizabeth - b.1839 Ireland (Mrs J.H.Thompson)
GRATTEN, Isabella Victoria -b.1841 Ireland (Mrs T.K.Thompson)
GRAY, A. (Lot 30)
GRAY, Joseph - labourer @ Sth Wandin 1903
GRAY, George - of Monbulk
GREEN, David D. - from Glasgow, Scotland (his mother was Jeanie Graham, sister to the Graham Bros.?)
GREEN, Robina -b. 1866 Glasgow, Scotland (Mrs Snell)
GREEN, Helen Wilson (Mrs Yde)
GREEN, Jeannie Wilhelmina (Mrs Richardson)
GRIFFIN, Kate - b. 1860 Wales or Ireland (Mrs Tom Lewis)
HAMPTON, Roseanna Dale -b. Norfolk (Mrs Rbt Hunter)
HAND,Thomas - b. 1839 Nottingham, England
HAND, Kate Ellen - b. 1868 Olinda Crk (Mrs W. Woolrich)
HAND, Frederick Charles - b. 1872 Olinda Crk
HAND, Florence - b. 1875 Olinda Crk (Mrs C.I. Botsmann)
HAND, Mabel Ida - b. 1880 Olinda Crk (Mrs Ernst Badenhop)
HAND, Charles - b.1878 Lilydale - son of John (land @ Olinda Crk)
HANSLOW, parents of Elsie, Ruth & Dorothy
HARRIS, William George - labourer @ Sth Wandin 1903
HARRISON,Frank Thomas -b.1860 Mulgrave, Vic. (m. Agnes McEwin)
HAYLOCK, parents of Eric & Marian
HEAD, parents of Jack
HEANEY, John & Martha - Fruitgrowers @ Sth Wandin 1903
HENDERSON, Henry - b. 1875 Scotland, UK
HENDERSON, James 'Jim'
HENDERSON, Florence Christina 'Bunny' (Mrs R.Chapman)
HIDER, Sarah Anne - from Sussex, England (Mrs Wm Smith)
HIRST, Eva H. - SoutH Wandin schoolteacher 1878
HOHNE, Friedrich & Helene- Fruitgrowers @ Sth Wandin 1903
HOLE, Edmund - gardener @ Sth Wandin 1903
HOLLIS, Hubert J. - b. Reading, Thames Valley, Ox. via Collingwood
HOLLIS, Charles Frederick - b. 1869 Yarra Vly
HOLLIS, Emily Florence - b. 1871 Yarra Vly
HOLLIS, Ada Jane -b. 1874 Yarra Vly (Mrs Wilhelm Knoll)
HOLLIS, George Hubert, - b. 1877 Sth Wandin
HOLLIS, Edward Arthur - b. 1878 Sth Wandin
HOLLIS, Alfred Henry - b. 1881 South Wandin
HOLLIS, Arthur - b. Reading, Thames Valley, Ox. via Collingwood
HOLLOW, Alfred Mervyn (schoolteacher @ Silvan South (m. Hilda Johns)
HOLMES, James Frederick - b.Nova Scotia, CANADA (m. Ellen Farquhar)
HOLT, John Armitage -
HOLT, Isla Ann Louise - b.1880 Phillip Is. Vic.
HOOK, G. Mr. - South Wandin Schoolteacher 1882
HOOPER, William James -b.1843 Corsham, Wiltshire, Eng.
HOOPER, Penelope - b. 1879 South Wandin
HOOPER, William James - b.1880 South Wandin
HOPE, Robert Octavius - from England via Daylesford, Victoria
HOWARD, parents of Bill
HOWELL, Amelia -from Sutton Benger, Wiltshire (Mrs Hooper)
HOUGHTON, Maria - (Mrs C.T. Briggs)
HUNT, J. W. (Queens Rd)
HUNTER,Robert - b. Northumberland, Eng. via Heidelberg
HUNTER, Joseph - from Heidelberg, Victoria
HUNTER, Stella - from Heidelberg (Mrs Wm Chapman)
HUNTER, Martha Rose Jane -b.1876 Hdlbrg (Mrs J.M.Aitken)
HUSTON, parents of Ken, Ivan
HUTCHINSON, A. F. - South Wandin schoolteacher 1888
INGRAM, John William - from Adelaide, South Australia
IZETT, Annie - from Glasgow, Scotland via Prahran (Mrs Beurle)
JACKSON, Helen -from Edinburgh, Scotland (Mrs Spiers)
JAMES, George Henry - Goldfields (m. Agnes Collings)
JAMES, Casimir Walker -b.1896 Omeo, Victoria (of Welsh roots)
JEEVES, Isaac -b. Geeveston, Tasmania VDL
JEEVES, Martha -b. Hobart, Tasmania (Mrs M. Child)
JEEVES, Ophelia b. 1862 Sth Mooroolbark (Mrs Houghton)
JERREMS, Thomas Charles - of Richmond, Vic.
JOHN, James - b.Sebastopol, Ballarat via Menzies Crk (later JOHNS)
JOHNS, Reginald - b. Menzies Crk
JONES, parents of Victor, Parke & Bruce
JOPE, R. - South Wandin Schoolteacher 1890
KELLY, Hugh - from Ireland via Fitzroy, Vic.
KELLY, Richard Bonynge - from Kew, Vic. b. Kings Co. Ireland
KELLY, Richard Franklin - from Kew, Vic. b. 1865 Port Albert, Gippsland
KELLY, Charles Bonynge - from Kew, Vic. b. 1868 Sth Melb.
KERR, Matthew - from Co.Down, Ulster 1800 via Springdallah Corangamite
KERR, Joseph - from Co.Down, Ulster 1844 via Springdallah Corangamite
KERR, Matthew - from Co.Down, Ulster 1826 via Springdallah Corangamite
KING, Alfred Henry b.1872 Western Vic. Arr. Sth Wand 1912
KING, Liz, Ethel, Henry, Annie - Arr. 1912 from Krambuk
KING, Mary, Myra, Alf, James, - Arr. 1912 from Krambuk
KING, William Ernest b. 1913 Sth Wandin
KNOLL, Wilhelm - b. 1870 nr Markgröningen, Württemberg, DE.
KNOLL, Karl Allan - b.1898 Sth Wandin
KNOLL, Charl Arthur b.1900 Sth Wandin
KNOLL, Olive Ada Jane b. 1902 Sth Wandin (Mrs D. Whittingham)
KNOLL, Barbara b.1907 Sth Wandin (Mrs Cliff Shaw)
KNOLL, Alice Marie Eliza b.1910 Sth Wandin (Mrs L Johns)
La FONTAINE, John Edward De - from CANADA
LANGE, Sophia Emma - b. Majorca, Vic. (Mrs S.H. Wilken)
LARKING, James - from Liydale (m. Emma Parr)
LEWIS, John - from Tipperary, Ireland
LEWIS, Johanna Mary - b. County Tipperary (Mrs Wm Straker)
LEWIS, Tom - from Caulfield-Brighton, Victoria
LEWIS, William Joseph -b.1863 Caulfield,Vic. (m.Marg Aitken)
LEWIS, Jack - from Caulfield-Brighton, Vic.
LOCK, parents of Florie
LONG, M. - frutgrower 1913
LOWE, parents of Robert
LUCAS, William - from Hampshire, England
LUCAS, Catherine - Fruitgrowers @ Sth Wandin 1903
LUCAS, Dorothea - b. 1888 Sth Wandin (Mrs C.P. Child)
MADDOCK, Joseph & Mary Jane - fruitgrowers @ Sth Wandin 1903
MASSINA, Alfred Henry - b.1835 London, Eng.
MATTINGLEY, Alfred Joseph -b. 1842 Henley, Thames R. Oxfordshire, England
MATTINGLEY, Miriam Hancock - b. 1877 Wandin (Mrs A.R.Duck)
MATTINGLEY, Susan Butler - b. 1880 Wandin (Mrs W.J.Webb)
MATTINGLEY, Alfred Joseph - b. 1883 Wandin
MATTINGLEY, Bessie Emma - b. 1913 Wandin (Mrs L.C.Sessions)
MAYNARD, Isaac - plumber 1913
McASKELL, Murdoch - b.1856 Durinisk Gaelic, Inverness, Scotland - Director @ Fernydale Try Boys Reform Farm (m.Sarah McEwin)
McASKELL, Christina Sarah - b.1882 Sth Wandin, Vic.
McASKELL, Bessie Regina - b. 1884 Sth Wandin, Vic.
McDONALD, Donald - Journalist
McEWIN, Joseph Nash - b.1828 Balcary, Rerrick, Kirkcudbrightshire, Scotland - Arr. Melbourne 6 Nov. 1839
McEWIN, John - b.1853 Heidelberg, Vic.
McEWIN, Joseph - b.1857 Heidelberg, Vic.
McEWIN, Sarah Jane - b.1860 Heidelberg (Mrs.M.McAskell)
McEWIN, Agnes -b. 1858 Heidelberg, Vic. (Mrs.F.T.Harrison)
McEWIN, Emily - b. 1863 Templestowe, Vic. (Mrs W.H.Goss)
McEWIN, Robert Hamilton b. 1874 Templestowe, Vic. - @ Sth Wandin 1903
McCARTHY, Daniel - farmer @ Sth Wandin 1903
McCLELLAND, James - from Scotland
McCLELLAND, Matilda Elizabeth b.1871 Fitzroy (Mrs McPherson)
McCLELLAND, Kate Jane -b. 1881 Fitzroy (Mrs David Learmonth) Yarra Junctn
McIVOR, Hector (Schoolteacher @ South Wandin
McIVOR, Jane Dolina (Mrs D. McPherson)
McKILLOP, John - from Edinburgh
McPHERSON, Duncan - from Scotland
McPHERSON, William b. 1859 Pt. Melb (m.Marg Wilson)
McPHERSON, Alexander - b.1862 Pt Melbourne (m.Liz McClelland)
MITCHELL, parents of Eileen & Jean
NATION, Robert - b. Somerset, England
NATION, Jane (nee ROBINSON) b. Cavan, Ireland [wife of R.Nation] (Lot 129)
NATION, Robert Strong (Coachman)
NATION, Elsie Annie
NEEDHAM, Plunkett -from Colac, Victoria
NEWMAN, parents of Grace, Majorie & Eva
NOSEDA, Isaac - from Wolverhampton, Eng. via Richmond, Vic. [Hotelier] (origin: Como, Italy)
ORMISTON, Christina Gwen -from Scotland (Mrs H.Henderson)
OVERTON, William Joseph - b. Wrangle, Lincolnshire
OVERTON, George Edmund - b.1850 Melbourne (m.Mary Parr) Origin: Wrangle, Linc. Eng.
PARKER, George Walter - from Widford, Herts, England
PARKER, Walter Robert - b. 1861 Collingwood
PARKER, Will James - b. 1863 Collingwood
PARKER, Lizzie - b.1865 Collingwood (Mrs Ted Reeves)
PARKER, Thomas Suckling - from Widford, Herts, England
PARKER, James 'Jim' - from Widford, Herts, England
PARKER, William Jim - from Widford, Herts, Eng. (
PARKER,cAnnie Mary - from Widford, Herts, Eng. (Mrs J.E.White)
PARKER, Edie - from Widford, Herts, Eng. (Mrs Joe Hunter)
PARKER, Albert Charles - from Widford, Herts, Eng.
PARR, James - from Fordham, Cambridgeshire, England
PARR, William - from Cambridgeshire, England
PHILLIPS, Hannah - from St Kilda (Mrs Angel Ellis)
PRESTON, Sarah - b.Eng.(Mrs Jabez Richardson) d. Olinda Ck
PROCTOR, William - b. 1835 Preston, Lancashire
PROCTOR, Horatio Jonathan Ray - b.1877 Ballarat
PROCTOR, John James 'Reverend'(Baptist) - b. Preston, Lancashire, Eng. (Queens Rd Sth Wandin fruitgrower 1909)
PROCTOR, Francis Percival - b.1871 Ballarat, Queens Rd Sth Wandin fruitgrower 1909
PROCTOR, Hebe - nee HUGHES (Mrs H.J.R.Proctor)
PRYOR, Ellis -from Butterhump ?
REEVES, Edwin 'Ted' - b.Vancouver Island, British Columbia, CANADA
REEVES, Clarence Lee - b.1892 Vic.
RENOUF, James Thomas
REVILLE, Mrs, - farmer 1913
RICHARDSON, Jabez - from Essex, England via Hotham, North Melbourne
RICHARDSON, Martha b.1853 Saffron Walden, Essex (Mrs Meadow Bird)
RICHARDSON, William John b.1857 Nth Melb. (m.Jeanie Green)
RICHARDSON, Sarah Ann -b1861 Melb. (Mrs Geo Barber)
ROBARTS, Maria - b. Bung Bong, Vic. (Mrs W.Chapman)
ROBINSON, Samuel & Mary - Fruitgrowers @ Sth Wandin 1903
ROGASCH, Emilie Anna - from Sth Australia (Mrs K.F.BÖECK)
ROGER, J. South Wandin Schoolteacher 1912 Mrs, andowner 1913
ROSIER, Harriet - wife of John Simpson
SCHUSSLER, mr - Methodist Home Missioner
SCURRY, William Charles & Doris Agatha 'Dunluce, Silvan, orchardist
SEAMER, George William - b. Dandenong (roots Kent)
SESSIONS, Benjamin Ebenezer - from Benalla, Vic.
SESSIONS, Leslie Charles
SHAW, G. Clifford from Traralgon, Vic. (m. Barb Knoll)
SIES, Karl b. 1857 Collingwood, Vic, (m. Leah Clegg)
SIMPSON, Henry Millar - from Great Britain via Daylesford, Victoria
SIMPSON, John - from Wombat, Daylesford
SIMPSON, Thomas W. - Schoolteacher @ South Wandin
SMALL, Elizabeth
SMALL, Thomas S.
SMITH, William - b. 1836 Kent, England
SMITH, Douglas Whiteman - b.1859 Stourbridge, Worcesters, Eng.
SMITH, Harold Belgrave - from Staffordshire, England
SMITH, Ethelbert Gladstone 'Selby" - from Staffordshire, England
SMITH, Miriam Lilian b.1889 Richmond Vic. (Mrs J. H. Hunter)
SMITH, Sarah Eva - b.1891 Richmond, Vic (Mrs G. Seamer)
SMITH, Lionel Harold Fulford b. 1899 Richmond (m.Hazel Parker)
SMITH, Miss Emma - South Wandin Schoolteacher 1894
SNELL, William - b. Somerset, England (m. Robina Green)
SPIERS, Archibald - from New Zealand
SNOWDEN,Sarah Caroline b. Burrow on the Hill, Leicester (Mrs Storer)
SPEEDIE, Charles Sheridan & Ethel May - Fruitgrowers @ Sth Wandin 1903
SPENCER, Thomas William Barnett - Postmaster @ Sth Wandin
SPENCER, Lydia Martha
SPENCER, Emily Sarah - Boarding House proprietor
STEERS, John & Anne - Fruitgrowers @ Sth Wandin 1903
STODDARD, Lucy Helen - b.Scotland (Mrs S.V.Winter)
STODDARD, Abraham Lea - b. Manchester, Eng.
STONE, Frank & Jane H. L - from England Arr Silvan abt 1928
STONE, Frank Thomas & Dorthy Matilda
STONE, Herbert Lawrence - b.1892 Richmond, Vic. (m.Alice M.Moon)
STONE, Isabel Coralie b.1901 Hawthorn, Vic.
STONEMAN, Alfred - springmaker, from Devonshire, England
STORER, William Thomas B. 1857 Leicester, England (Chemist & Fruitgrwr)
STORER, Florence May (Mrs Clarry Reeves)
STORMONT, parents of Hector & Maide 1916
STRAKER James - from Caulfield b.1850 Brighton, Vic. (m. Johanna Mary Lewis)
STRAKER, Charles Daly - b.1881 Brighton, Vic. - Sth Wandin fruitgrower 1913
STRAKER, Amy Mary Josephina b.1883 Cheltenham, Vic - Sth Wandin 1913
SUCKLING, Eliza -b.Widford, Herts, England (Mrs HOLLIS)
TAFFS, William - b. 1836 Rothwell, Northamptonshire, England
TAYLOR, parents of Elsie
THEOBALDS, Ann - from Tasmania (Mrs I. Jeeves)
THOMAS, parents of Angela, Donald & Joan
THOMPSON, Thomas Kenny - b. London, Eng. (Isabella Victoria Gratten)
THOMPSON, John Henning b. 1846 London, Eng. (Headmaster of Kew High School)
THOMPSON, Thomas - b. 1889 Cheshire, Bebington, England (Arr.1924
TURNER, Thomas - from Lilydale (m.Sarah Parr)
TURNER, William
U'REN, Polly (Mrs H.B.Smith)
VALENTINE, Anna - from Newcastle-on Tyne (Mrs Needham)
VARTY, Christina b. 1890 Cheltenham, Viv. (Mrs R.S.Nation)
WAITE, parents of Betty
WATSON, Florence - from Prahran (Mrs Will Parker)
WATSON, Sarah Elizabeth (Mrs Cottingham)
WATT, Joseph - - Sth Wandin fruitgrower 1913
WAYCOTT, Hope McKenzie - b.1889 Sth Yarra (Mrs T.Thompson)
WHITE, James Edwin - of White's Corner, Monbulk (m. Annie Parker)
WHITTINGHAM, Dare Lorimer b.1898 London Eng. (m.Olive Knoll)
WILKEN, Stephen Herbert - from Bungaree Vic.
WILKEN, Reuben Charles b. 1894 South Wandin Yallock
WILKEN, Walter Bernard - b. 1896 Sth Wandin
WILKEN, Daisy Pearl Sophia - b. 1899 Sth Wandin
WILKEN, Charlotte Nadine Victoria - b. 1901 Sth Wandin
WILKEN, Dorothea May Cassandra Josephine b.1904
WILSON, Jeannie - from Scotland -(Mrs David Green)
WILTON, Arthur Reginal Osborne -b.1878 Heathcote, Vic. - Sth Wandin fruitgrower 1913
WINTER, Samuel Vincent - b.1843 Euroa (Newspaperman)
WINTER, Samuel Stoddart -b. 1867 Richmond, Vic. (m.Ellen Barry)
WISEMAN, Ann Hampton - b. Widford, Herts. (Mrs G.Parker)
WISEMAN, Albert -b. Widford, Herts. Via Collingwood
WISEMAN, Arthur -b. Widford, Herts. Via Collingwood
WISEMAN, Walter - b. Widford, Herts.
WISEMAN, Frank - b. Widford, Herts.Via Collingwood
WITHY, M. A. - Sth Wandin 1913
WOODWORTH, John Stanley & Alice - Fruitgrowers @ Sth Wandin 1903
WORSLEY, Charles Graham B. - from New Zealand
YDE, Ernst Augustus -b. Scotchman's Lead, Ballarat (of North French origin)
YOUNG, James Grant - from Inverness, Scotland


1867 -1877